September 18, 2021

6.1. The customer has the services provided for in this contract up to ______ (payment period) 6.2. Payment is made no later than _____ in cash, in the scriptural procedure, to the contractor`s bank account (the corresponding terms must be underlined). Payment of benefits shall be paid by the contractor by the issue of a ________ The payment for the services referred to in this section may be modified by mutual agreement between the parties, with the preparation of a supplement to this contract. For more information about our partner program, which applies to agency partners, see We regularly update these policies and you can find the latest version here. ______2) signed by the deputy head of a legal person or other official of a legal person, mention should also be made of the document governing his competence with regard to the conclusion of contracts for the provision of educational services for consideration (an injunction, B. Executive Order, Full Exercise) (t), as well as the date and registration number of the document. *(3) If the client has concluded a bilateral contract for the educational services of an adult citizen who pays for his studies himself. Accordingly, Sections 1, 2.2 and 2.3 of Section 2 of that Treaty are merged and Sections 4, 5 are also merged. paragraph 2 is deleted in point 7.3. *(4) Pages have the right to add further terms to this section at their discretion. *(5) This information may be included in the contract text as a customer`s right when a trilateral contract is concluded.

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