September 17, 2021

But if, when innocent divorce had just begun, someone had suggested that the logical extension of changing the understanding of marriage from an alliance to a treaty would be same-sex marriage, they would probably have been called crazy too. An alliance is a written promise between two or more parties, in which the party promises to do something (called an affirmative covenant) or refrains from doing anything (call a negative alliance). An alliance is a kind of contract. In a covenant, the person who makes the promise is the ally, and the person who benefits from the promise is a covenant. Or maybe it`s the other way around, and because we have so many lawyers, we`ve settled on contracts and lost sight of alliances. Although alliances are a kind of treaty, they are not treated in the same way and are not based on the same premise. This is due to the different applications of each word, with the contract accepting the day more often. Even though the idea of an alliance seems quite radical today, there was a time when alliances were much more understood. Covenants have not always been an obscure spiritual or religious concept.

We only think about contracts. . . .