September 16, 2021

Each employee must complete a credit card application [number of days] before having access to the credit card credit. In the application, a staff member must indicate the reasons for the card requirement and sign that they understand the risks associated with taking over the card. The finance department is responsible for issuing the credit card application form for employees, but only the CFO and/or Executive Director are empowered to approve the application. Once an employee`s credit card application has been approved by the CFO and/or General Manager, they must sign and abide by a staff credit card agreement. In this agreement, the employee will sign that he acknowledges that the company`s credit card belongs to [the name of the company] and that management has the right to investigate the charges, with or without reason. For an exception, speak with [your Manager / Finance / Department Head / etc.] 5. Incorrect and honest use of the Card (you are making an honest mistake) brought to the attention of the General Manager and promptly corrected is not considered a misappropriation of district funds, but may result in a temporary suspension of the use of the Card. This clause is illustrated and other reporting options can be inserted depending on the circumstances. For example, notifications and cards can be returned to the CFO. A lawyer can evaluate the options and provide legal advice. Sometimes employees who don`t have a corporate credit card have to pay significant business expenses (for example. B airline tickets for business travel).