September 14, 2021

The skeletal format of a sales contract is similar to any legal default contract. It is made on stamp paper and, preferably, notarized by a notary. The general conditions of sale are included in the various clauses. It is signed by the buyer, the seller and at least two witnesses. The clause should make it clear that the scope of the agreement also includes the transfer of all deposits paid by the seller for the electrical connection, the connection to water, to the community of owners, affiliation to the clubhouse, membership to the gym, contribution to the decrease of the association`s fund, etc. In the absence of this clause, the seller may demand additional money at the time of the deed of sale in return for all deposits he has paid. How can you know if the specific clauses contained in the real estate purchase contracts you receive are the source of increased profits or the source of greater profit losses? An important factor in building your knowledge about formal bidding is learning the special clauses available to be used in a real estate purchase agreement and what each of them means. Projects under construction in India are infamous for delays in completion, so buyers pay double the costs: EMIs and higher rents while waiting to own their property. Although the delayed delivery of projects is due to several factors that anpending the real estate sector, the financial situation of many buyers does not allow to wait beyond a certain time.

EMIs plus additional rental costs weigh on buyers who have invested in delayed construction projects, so the decision to invest in projects that are ready to move into or eligible for THE CB is very useful for them. This is why it is important to train when it comes to specific clauses. A due diligence clause can also make a contract cleaner. Since it denies the need for other clauses such as plague and construction, a due diligence clause covers almost all potential problems. Any period ranging from 30 days to 12 months is acceptable with a development authorization clause. The development authorization clauses must be completely satisfactory to the buyer. Option clauses can be used very effectively to defer taxes and duties in situations where you may not know the entities in advance. Two clauses are particularly important, one on composition and the other on infringement.

A real estate sales contract (hereinafter sometimes referred to as a “sales contract”) is a legal agreement between the buyer and seller of a property to subsequently transfer ownership of the property. . . .